• foam machine

    This effect is ideal for medium to large discotheques and any type indoor or outdoor event. Its dimensions are very compact and it can easily be transported in a car.
    It has a foam performance of 120.000 litres per minutes (theoretical foaming volume).
    The equipment can be installed in a hanging position by three built in flying eyes.
    The foam it's not harmful for the environment and dry very fast.

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  • smoke machine

    Classic effect for parties and other events. Extremely powerful,adjustable fog output
    Virtually noiseless, with the finest fog and the longest hanging times
    Automatic Purging System (APS) to prevent build-up and clogging. Compatible with remote control.

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  • hazer machine

    With its variable output - whereas the haze density and also the output can be varied - the machine can be used in many fields: Any desired effect - from the finest mist to a thick haze, similar to fog - can be achieved.
    Therefore the machine is able to fill small and big rooms or halls with a constant haze, creating the right atmosphere and excellently supporting lighting effects

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  • dry ice effect

    The effect is long lasting and residue free, remaining low lying and very cold.
    A particularly popular effect with theatrical shows, tours, theme parks, film & TV productions, the Freezefog Pro is ideal for large venues and outdoor or indoor use.

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new products










Flying lanterns

An ancient Chinese product, can smoothly lighting the sky and make a "different" effect to any occasion.
In different colors and shapes. Contact us to send you more details about the availability.











Confetti launchers

The Power Shots are the most easy and professional confetti and streamer shot units available. The Power Shots are designed to fire prefilled single use electric cannons. The electric cannons contain a pressurized nitrogen cartridge for a powerful effect. The cannons are available in 40 and 80 cm’s, prefilled with confetti or streamers.












Cryogenic effect

The famous MAGICFX CO2 Jets create cryogenic fog plumes of approximately 8m. high. The effect is very reliable and repeatable because of its high quality and reliable valve. The CO2 Jets can be mounted in truss constructions or placed on stages. The CO2 Jets must be used with liquid CO2 tanks.