All the necessary
audio, visual and lighting systems
for your event in Santorini

Make your event memorable by creating the best environment for your entire audience to see, hear and interact with the presentation.
Pro-support has the right combination of experience and inventory
to execute a successful event.

In addition to our extensive inventory of both traditional and more advanced audio visual (AV) equipment, we also offer complementary technology to create a positive effect and seamless presentation.
Pro-support is the largest information technology rental company in the island with expertise delivering effective hi-tech solutions.
Request a quote or contact us today to learn more about our products and services and how we can help make your upcoming event exceptional.


Since 1988 in music and events industry, we offer for rent or sale professional equipment and technological services for any audio systems. Our technicians can give support and knowledge to set up a party, concert, conference and any other sound event. We are exclusive in Santorini who use professional equipment from world-renowned manufacturers.

We Know What Great Sound Sounds Like, and We’ll Do Anything to Help You Get It!

Our goal is to provide our customers with the best and most cutting edge equipment at the lowest possible rental price in the industry. All while providing you with our expertise and exceptional service. We want your event to be a success!

In co-operation with our other departments we can give the best solutions covering a large spectrum of events like conferences, product launches, outdoor events, varying from simple to more complex requirements, making the company capable of providing its services to the most sophisticated event.

Professional Audio, lights & PA systems to rent in Santorini - Greece by pro-support Co


Audio, lights & PA systems to rent in Santorini - Greece by pro-support Co
We use imagination and experience to transform any surface with colours and moving shapes, with our professional lighting equipment.Our decorators & technicians unique in Greece, can give to your event, style and fantastic mood.

Technical support

Inform us for your Event, send to us a photo from the event place and the style that you want to give. Our technical and decoration department will send you a full proposal for Free.


We can provide you with the equipment, staff, and knowledge of visual production. We can take your conference, meeting, or trade show to the next level with our on-site post production.

Many venues that offer conferencing and trade show services out-source their audio visual rental needs. We have the expertise, quality, and equipment to provide your hotel, banquet hall, meeting facility, conferencing center or private membership club with as much staff and equipment you need to service your customers.

Upon completion of your event, we can take the footage back to our post production studio and create a masterpiece your company would be proud to show to the world. Let us know the ideas you have and we can put in place a project that will satisfy you!

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