“God…… is a DJ”


Our DJ has more than 25 years experience and creativity to generate a musical atmosphere to meet your expectations, with more than 50,000 music titles in our own music library.

The most important truth my 30years of experience on the decks has taught me, is that of music being the key element of success to any event.

The fundamental element I might even say…

Of course, an event is the sum of many other parts, such as the setting aesthetics or the food quality but we all know how hard it is sometimes to achieve perfection in every aspect.

Let’s talk about how easy it is then, to simply direct the attention away from all little imperfections.

A highly professional, skilled DJ is the one who will set the mood so that your guests forget all about their surroundings and focus on the dance floor! All night long!

No one will remember any unfortunate details if they had a fantastic time, no one will ever care about anything gone wrong, if they danced the night away!

I have always thought that music is the sound of feelings. I have created Pro Support to make sure that the feeling is right!

Our DJ mixing samples


Soulful-NU Disco HOUSE

80s & 90s

Brand NEW service

Full music program WITHOUT a DJ

We’ll set up the equipment and the only thing that you must do is, to push the “play” button!

All these years, there have been customers who have asked us to rent just a sound system for their wedding, without a DJ. Being in love with music, we always wanted to know the reasons why they did not choose a DJ.

For the most part, the reason was that they will have a small wedding group and they did not want to spend extra money for a DJ. A very small percentage, they wanted to listen exclusively their music and that was completely understood by us.

In both cases, however, what most customers probably did not think was that without a DJ, the music would have a 3-4 secs “blank” period between the songs.

So here at pro-support, we decided to create a new service that will allow the continuous flow of music, without blanks. Something like the “DJ” service but without the physical presence, achieving exactly what the client wants.

How is this done?

The customer sends us the play list, with the music he wants. We do the mixing and we deliver the entire music program in mp3 format. What we charge the customer is the rental and setup of the audio equipment and a small cost for the mixing which depends on the total time.

However, we will always insist that all events needs an experienced DJ, who can at any time “see” and “feel” the crowd
and intervene in the flow of the program, to have all the times a FULL dance floor.

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